Eco-friendly solutions

Eco-Friendly Antiperspirant


Refillable… with Plastic-free refills!

For those who want it all, 48hr Sweat protection without the single-use plastic. Our breakthrough refillable antiperspirant is the first ever with 100% plastic-free refills.

The Package: Refillable

No Single-use Plastic – Buy the loaded case once, and refill with plastic-free refills. Everything about this system, including the labels was designed to eliminate plastic-waste.

Refills: 48Hr Sweat Protection without the plastic-waste.

Did you know that most deodorant refills come with small plastic components that most recyclers can’t recycle. That’s why we opted for an entirely plastic-free refill package. Our innovative design is the first antiperspirant refill to be entirely packaged with 100% FSC certified paperboard.


Tired of having to choose between being sustainable and getting sweat protection? So are we. We designed our refillable system for those who want to reduce their plastic waste without compromising on sweat protection.

Like all Secret products, this antiperspirant is certified cruelty-free by PETA.

How To Use

Pull the cap off, Twist off the holding ring to release your spent refill, make sure the pusher is all the way down before you pop in your new refill. Replace the ring and you are good to go.

Trusted Odor Protection without Plastic-waste

Our Plastic-Free Deos bring together Secret’s trusted odor protection and an uncompromising package design that eliminates all plastic-waste.

The Package:

  • No Plastic Waste – Packaged entirely with paperboard

  • Made with 90% post consumer recycled paper the rest is FSC certified paperboard.

  • Recyclable – Just crush it (Step on it) and toss in your recycle bin.


Crafted with just the essentials to keep you smelling fresh.

This vegan formula is Free of Aluminum, Parabens, Talc and dyes. It is formulated with pure essential oils. Like all Secret products, this deodorant is certified cruelty-free by PETA.

How To Use

Carefully push up a small amount of product up in the tube. Squeeze tube while applying to hold product in place during use. The push tube does not retract so, gently tap the tube on a surface or push it down before capping.