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Secret Sustainably: How is Secret Practicing Sustainability?

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword to us. In conjunction with our parent company, Procter & Gamble, Secret has led sustainability efforts with short term and long-term goals year after year. P&G is committed to positively impacting our homes, our communities, and our planet — especially in the areas of Climate, Forestry, Water and Packaging. It’s our Planet. Our Home. And our window is now. 


That’s right—we’re doing our part to reduce the number of single-use plastics people use! Secret has introduced an Aluminum-FreeDeodorant with plastic-free packaging— which lessens the amount of plastic packaging used across our lineup, and Secret was one of the first major brands to introduce a plastic-free package. 

Finding ways to make less plastic waste without compromising on the odor protection women expect from Secret is important to us, and equally important is making sure sustainable options don’t break the bank. Often, more sustainable products aren’t the more affordable choice. By offering sustainable options for deodorants at a reasonable price point, we’re helping make sustainable choices accessible to more consumers.  

Learn more here about P&G’s efforts to optimize packaging designs which has already reduced packaging per consumer use by over 12% from 2010 to 2020. 


Secret’s Aluminum Free Deodorant with plastic-free packaging was designed to be delightful to use and is made of 90% post-consumer recycled paperboard. Just push up from the bottom to dispense! The best news? These paper tube deodorants are available at major retailers nationwide. 

How our packaging performs once it’s in the hands of consumers like you matters to our team! Not just that, but we care deeply about how that packaging is disposed once the product has been fully used—which is why every P&G brand is working towards 100% recyclable or reusable packaging. This is a big concern for P&G, especially when currently, many of these single use plastics end up in our rivers and oceans. It’s a complex global challenge that requires a comprehensive, collaborative approach across the entire plastics lifecycle.  


For over 60 years, Secret has given women the confidence they need to take on any challenge by providing superior odor protection. Secret was one of the first major brands to introduce all-paper, plastic-free packaging solutions in May of 2020. But we’re not stopping there. We will continue to expand and build on our more sustainable options, while focusing on superior odor protection. 


  • Secret offers deodorant in sustainable packaging. 

  • Secret was one of the first major brands to introduce all-paper, plastic-free packaging.

  • Join us on our mission! Learn more about P&G’s sustainability efforts here.