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What Is Secret Whole Body Deodorant?

Combat Body Odor from Pits to Privates

Fear of odor breakthroughs can be an extra source of stress in your life, especially if they happen on your whole body. That’s why Secret Whole Body deodorant was created to provide odor protection for more than just your armpits.* But what exactly is a whole body deodorant and why might you need it?

Secret Whole Body deodorant is a brand new product from Secret, the #1 deodorant brand for women**, that’s designed to be used beyond the pits, for underboob, private, and even foot odor. Many parts of the body are susceptible to body odor and require different types of care. Secret Whole Body Deodorant was designed with this in mind: to help eliminate body odor everywhere*, not just armpits.

Designed Uniquely for the (Whole) Body

Secret Whole Body Deodorant has been designed with your whole body in mind. So, that includes your underboob, feet, thighs, chest, and even privates! (For external use only.)

Secret Whole Body Deodorant comes in three different forms for different needs (cream, stick, and spray) and three different scents (Peach + Vanilla Blossom, Lilac + Water Lily and Unscented). The stick deodorant allows you to precisely target problem areas, and glides on smooth and clear . The cream is ideal for use in intimate areas because you can easily and precisely apply it with your hands. The nitrogen-powered spray allows for hygienic application to multiple areas of the body. Also, all three forms have been formulated specifically for use on your whole body, and all three forms go on clear.

Each of the scents smells amazing – and there is even an unscented option! No matter which scent you choose, you’ll get clinically proven 72-hour protection and odor-busting freshness.

Finally, a solution that can both help prevent and tackle body odor designed specifically for your whole body!

*for external use only, use as directed. **Nielsen reporting P52 weeks data as of 12/8/23