find your secret


Learn what makes Secret antiperspirant deodorant products different and if you should choose Secret Fresh, Clinical Strength, Outlast, Aluminum Free or Freshies.

Everyone is different. We all sweat differently, have different texture preferences, scent preferences, lifestyles – we even have different sweat glands. With so many antiperspirant product options, it may be hard to know which you should choose. We’re here to help. Use the questions below to find which Secret product is right for you.

Are you obsessed with scent?

The way you smell can say a lot about you. In fact, your scent can often define you. If you obsessed with scent and want to add a burst of fragrance to your day, the Secret Fresh collection of deodorant antiperspirants is for you.

Do you sweat more than your friends?

Extensive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, can cause you to sweat way more than what is considered normal. Secret Clinical Strength deodorant antiperspirant is designed with our best protection to keep you dry and smelling fresh.

Do you often engage in strenuous activity?

From yoga class to intramural soccer games, if you find that you’re participating in a lot of physical activity choose Secret Outlast for your antiperspirant needs. Outlast new formula provides more sweat and odor fighters than ever before, so you can feel confident whatever you’re doing.

Do you have sensitive skin?

Want long-lasting odor protection with more natural ingredients? Secret Aluminum Free deodorant is designed for you. With no aluminum, parabens or dyes, you can get a gentler, skin-friendly solution.